IMG_2025 IMG_1835

  In my group, I feel we worked very well together. We split up the work. Vanessa and I worked on the mood board and Asia and Diana worked on the digital rendering of our image. Although, Diana drew the draft we all input our ideas to create a finished model which was a very smooth process. We choose things that represented Kourtney as a mother and in her life before and after she got together with Scott. In our digital rendering we included a gazebo and Kourtney in the middle caring her youngest child Rain, we also displayed her kids Penelope and Mason. Also the setting represented her relaxed and casual like style. in addition around we had things that represent her life like DASH, her husband well ex,and her past night life.

  My favorite part was creating the mood board because i love hands on projects and i also liked presenting. I liked presenting to hear what my classmates thought about my project. I think my group and I worked pretty hard on out presentation and i felt confident to present our work therefore i don’t think i would change anything about my presentation.


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