Week 1 

 This is the San Fransisco city hall where everyone gets leagaly married. However the dome at the top is one of the top 5 largest ones in the world if I’m not mistaken. It also has 14k gold on the top according to our tour guide. 

This was the last restataurant we ate at in San Fransisco, California before heading back to the big apple. The food was great but I truly loved the scene inside the restaurant like the vibe was amazing. The walls looked like shelfs and they had checker floors and it was just outstanding.

This was a street in China town which we also visited on our last day in San Fransisco before heading back to the city that never sleeps.

This is the tallest building in San Fransisco and is known to be the safest place to be at anytime of an earthquake because it was built to rock with the land instead of tumbling down. This building is called the transamerican and I was able to capture this picture from our tour bus.

My inspiration this week was re evaluateting my trip to California with my best friend olivia. I was so beautiful and one of the best experiences I ever have. On this trip I have made memories I will never forget. I had great talks and conversations with total strangers and had the greatest time ever with my best friend. These pictures are all from San Fransisco, California. Which is also knows for its fog and being the coldest area in California. This was the last place we visited however we went to San Diego, Los Angeles and we woke up one morning and got a surprise to go to Mexico for a day. We crossed the border and got permission to be in the country of Mexico for a day and we bought many things that day. Your maybe thinking how long were we there for but sadly only 2 weeks that were the best ever. There’s so much I can say about this trip but I can truly say I am great full for everything.

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