Window display


  I chose this window display because I truly loved how the maniquins were dressed in nutral colors and at the top there’s bursts of color. I feel a story is being told by there positions and the color. In addition what really grabs attention from someone just walking by this window is really the use of color and the people in the top that are drawn in the color burst.

  I loved this window display as well because although there’s so much going on I feel like the colors white and silver work so well to tell the story in this window. It’s also so clean cut its literally majic in a box. There’s so much to take in but right away the fact that the window is so detailed and the lighting is so limited I makes you stop and it seriously grabs attention to actually look and analyze everything going on in the window.


Finally as they say leave the best for last, this window is my favorite because the elephant is pink. I love the elephant it’s so awesome I love the story and the prints on the maniquins. If you notice one of them has bouquet flowers as there hair matching the color scheme used in the window. Also the way they are positioned and the lighting I really loved the perspective being given on this window.

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