Gene Moore Article

Gene Moore creates new eye-catching fantasies every two weeks. He makes his display come to life with his use of concept in his windows. He was the person who created the Tiffany & Co windows although he was 70-year-old with brilliant ideas. In addition, his windows weren’t made to sell anything they were made to attract customers to detail and most of all into Tiffany & Co jewelry retail store. Also Gene made his window displays with whit according to the holidays and seasons which would coordinate with his color schemes as well some times. For example Moore thought things like eggs, dirt and ice were so beautiful and can be turned into amazing ideas. His favorite window in fact  showed a large block of fake ice and, leaning against it, a pair of tongs pinching another sort of “ice”, a huge diamond. On the contrary, Moore became an amazing window display designer he was the son of a railroad engineer. He was born in Birmingham and his parents divorced when he was an infant and at the age of 3 he was sent to live with an electrician and his wife who raised him. To his great luck those people were divine Moore said. In time he grew up and though he would be a painter but then things changed and he decided he wasnt going to be the world greatest painter and that’s when he began his career as a window dresser. He worked his way up however and made it to Bergdorf’s, Bonwit’s and then Tiffany’s. In conclusion, in the window display field men were underpaid that didn’t matter to Gene because he truly loved his job and believed it was the best.

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